Six Lifetime Grooming Tools Worth Investing In

czech & Speake Dovo lifetime grooming tools worth investing in

If you've ever bought a bargain-basement set of pliers, screwdrivers or drill bits, then you'll likely know how frustrating poorly made and designed tools can be to use. While the lowest priced option is tempting, the well made and designed version is often the better choice, offering greater precision, more reliability and ultimately a longer life. This investment-based ethos is well worth employing when it comes to everyday grooming utensils too. Elevated, tried and tested versions of everyday grooming essentials can transform banal daily grooming into an enjoyable experience. They also offer a lucratively better cost per use and are more environmentally friendly than their less time-hardy equivalents. 


Here are six lifetime grooming tools that yield maximum return on investment: 

1. A Proper (Non-Plastic) Razor

Shaving can be a pleasurable experience, and not just a dreaded daily chore. Whether it be with a classic Straight Razor / Cut-throat Razor, a Double Edge Safety Razor, or one of the modern reincarnations of (such as the Leaf Razor, OneBlade Razor or the Supply Single Edge Razor), a razor receives consistent use and deserves top place on our list of tools worth investing in. First of all, they can be beautiful things to look at and use - weighty, solid, beautifully made and built to last, your razor will become something that you want to keep out on display rather than something you tuck away in a drawer. Single blade razors can also offer less skin irritation and ingrown hairs than a multi-blade cartridge model and to top it off, they are more cost-effective to own in the long run (a double edge blade is a fraction of the cost of a Gillette or Schick cartridge). And while discarded cartridges generally end up in landfill, safety razor blades can be recycled, as they are plastic-free.


2. A Shaving Brush

There's a soothing satisfaction to lathering up a shaving soap or shaving cream with a warm shaving brush. This seemingly old-school grooming tool is far less wasteful, both in price and packaging, over that of the cream-in-a-can shaving foam. We strongly advocate for avoiding badger hair for ethical reasons, and electing for a synthetic shaving brush which performs just as well.


3. A Well Made Hair Brush or Comb

The humble hairbrush is often overlooked even in the most studied of grooming arsenals. A nicely made brush or comb is a pleasure to use (don't believe us? read some of the customer reviews on this one). A good comb feels great in the hand and glides through the hair. Designed to sit in the palm of the hand, the traditional military brush also serves excellently as a beard tamer and scalp massager and a good one should last you for many years.

4. A Good Pair of Hair or Beard Scissors

It's inevitable that in between visits to the barbershop, errant split-ends or unruly beard hairs will require a self-managed trim at home. A good pair of hair scissors or beard scissors should last you a lifetime if properly cared for. How do they differ from your kitchen shears? Well, the blades are much sharper, more precise, and often have small serrations designed to catch and hold the hair in place. There's a certain pleasure in having the right tool for the job, and good scissors are a joy to use.


5. A Pair of Sturdy Nail Clippers

Invest in a sturdy pair of nail clippers and a good nail file. A good pair of nail clippers is sharp, strong and durable and will likely outlast the cheap pair from the chemist several times over. Or take pleasure in a habitual nail trim at home with a standout manicure set that is carry-on friendly and as beautiful as it is useful.

6. A Toiletry Bag or Dopp Kit 

A handsome toiletry bag provides an essential home for everything when travel beckons. A classic and spacious leather Dopp bag combines elegance with practicality and a good one should last you a lifetime.

The Maintenance Implements

A notable long-term benefit of well-bought grooming tools is that they rarely need replacement. Reduce waste and protect your wallet with a wide range of accessories and maintenance items to keep your tools sharp and in optimum condition: