Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream with Shaving Bowl, Brush & Razor

Taylor of Old Bond Street

43 products
    43 products

    Founded in 1854 during the reign of Queen Victoria, Taylor of Old Bond Street (sometimes referred to as TOBS or TOOBS) has become known throughout the world for their luxurious shaving products for men. The fragrance of Taylor's Shaving Creams are derived from the purest of natural essentials and herbal aromatics. Made in England.

    • Taylor of Old Bond Street has an impressive array of shaving creams, from the addictive wood and spice notes of Sandalwood, the tingly charge of Peppermint, and the exquisite herbal notes of Eton College. 
    • For a luscious and moisturising shave, Taylor of Old Bond Street's Avocado Shaving Cream is gentle on the skin that softens and nourishes while you shave.
    • Sensitive skin types should opt for the Jermyn Street range, which is free of allergens.