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    Men’s Fragrance and Cologne - Australia

    For a fragrance that is sure to linger for all the right reasons, delve through our collection of world-class colognes and niche fragrances. Championing a selection of classic and modern, traditional, indie, and niche offerings, each and every fragrance has its own unique personality with a story to tell.

    Dedicated to Curation

    We've painstakingly curated a range of fragrances that reflects a diverse gamut of tastes, from the most baroque floral to the biggest oud we could find, as well as rare and hard to obtain masterpieces and well-deserved cult classics. Whether you're a connoisseur of chypres or a sucker for roses, or simply just want a good and long-lasting fragrance, we invite you to explore the range.

    Our attitude towards curation is filled with personality, reflecting a taste for perfumes that are clear and distinct. We deliberately move away from the dictates of mass-market taste and strive towards fragrances of intrinsic value. These are perfumes rich with creativity, story, and significance, connecting with us at the most profound level. Our selection is an argument in favour of the art of fragrance.

    Independent Perfumer-Oriented Brands

    Attentive to the evolving world of perfume, we especially engage with brands with owners who also happen to be the perfumers. We believe this instils character and integrity, manifest in the fragrances they create. True creativity is free from constraint, resulting in perfumes that effectively convey their creator’s vision.

    Perfume is cultural expression, and our collection spans with perfume from Switzerland to America, France, Italy, Canada, and more. We stock an exclusive range from Tauer Perfumes, Rogue Perfumery, Heeley Parfums, Zoologist, Bogue Profumo, BORNTOSTANDOUT, FZOTIC and much, much more.       

    A Clear Guiding Voice

    Each fragrance featured on our website includes extensive editor’s notes, which presents our grooming editor unique perspective of the scent, divulging all the interesting stories, notes, and considerations that influence our experience of the scent. Leaning on over a decade of fragrant commentary, our editor’s thoughts serve as a clear and instructive guide through the complex world of scent, all fuelled by a genuine love of scent.

    Fragrance Finder

    Need help choosing a fragrance? Try our Fragrance Finder. Five totally scientific questions which take no longer than your morning coffee to answer, that will select a fragrance specifically suited to your tastes.

    Fragrance Samples and Fragrance Sample Packs

    Our hand-filled vials contain enough fragrance for several wears, allowing you to fully explore the complexities of a particular scent.

    For those keen on exploration with the navigation done for them, our Fragrance Sample Packs feature an assortment of fragrances that share a common theme. These are accompanied with detailed notes from our editor, guiding you through the section.