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    Face Scrubs and Exfoliants - Australia

    Uncover greatness and reveal what's underneath. 

    Physical exfoliants or ‘face scrubs’ unclogs pores and blackheads, sloughs away dead skin cells, and brings brightness to the complexion. Moreover, they're excellent when used to prepare the skin for a smoother shave, and effectively and gently aid in unearthing ingrown hairs. These scrubs tend to rely on natural particles with a granular consistency. 

    Urth's deep cleansing Face Scrub expels impurities with its blend of walnut shell powder, wheat germ, and rice granules: a trio of soft micro exfoliating particles that scrub away dead skin and pollutants on the skin. It also doubles as a leave-on face mask.

    Chemical exfoliants often rely on a cocktail of acids, like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) to dissolve dead skin cells. AHAs include glycolic acid and lactic acid, and are great for brightening and improving skin texture. BHAs (salicylic acid) is effective for acne-prone skin as they penetrate deeper into pores to remove excess oil.

    Can I use both chemical and physical exfoliants?

    Yes, you can use both, but not on the same day. Over-exfoliating can lead to irritation and damage. Alternate between chemical and physical exfoliants throughout the week, and always listen to your skin's needs.

    As a pre-shave scrub

    Using a physical exfoliant before shaving removes dead skin cells and smooths the surface of the skin. Exfoliation can help to lift the hair away from the skin, making it easier to cut with the razor, allows the razor blade to glide more easily across the skin during shaving, resulting in a closer and smoother shave. This results in a more effective and comfortable shaving experience. 

    Preventing and treating ingrown hairs

    An exfoliant both prevents and treats ingrown hairs by removing dead skin cells and preventing them from clogging hair follicles. Regular exfoliation promotes healthy hair growth by preventing hairs from getting stuck beneath the skin. This can reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs over time.

    If you already have ingrown hairs, gentle exfoliation can help to release the trapped hair and encourage it to grow out naturally. Exfoliation can also reduce inflammation and redness associated with ingrown hairs.