Australia’s Men’s Grooming Destination Since 2006

MEN’S BIZ has been an authority in Men’s Grooming in Australia since 2006. Awarded ‘Best Retail Destination’ at GQ Australia’s Grooming Awards and ‘Best in Class Barbershop’ by Monocle magazine, we know we are not self-aggrandizing.

Our online store launched in 2006 and is now supported by four stores and barbershops in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Our headquarters and warehouse are based in Northcote, Melbourne. 

Ours is a considered and curated men’s grooming range ­­– we deliberately don’t stock everything. All of our brands are best in class and carry our tick of approval. We believe excellence should be accessible, and our product price points reflect this, ranging from the affordable through to the high-end.

Can grooming make your life better? Absolutely. Elevating basic grooming rituals to enjoyable processes is central to our raison d’être. We’re not just about getting it done, but slowing down, and finding pleasure in the process. An escape from the everyday and the mundane. About realising there is great pleasure to be had in the small things.

We believe in ethical practices and minimising our impact on the planet. Almost all of our packaging is recyclable and/or compostable. Our stores, headquarters and warehouse run on 100% GreenPower and our deliveries are carbon-neutral. We recycle and reuse almost all packing materials in our warehouse and we refuse to stock badger hair shaving brushes.

We believe in buying less, but buying better – investing in high quality items for frequent use, and repairing them when they break. We stray away from the disposable.

We hope you enjoy our selection of the best in grooming,

- The MEN’S BIZ Team