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    Fragrance Sample Packs

    Make an informed choice with the help of our fragrance sample packs: a curated selection of our range that have been organised according to a whole array of styles and genres. Or, take a chance and open yourself up to the pleasure of surprise, enjoying the unexpected and the uncommon.

    The sample vials contain enough fragrance for you to wear the scent several times, and offer the convenient luxury of allowing you to sample scents at your leisure - in context, and away from the cacophony and distraction of department stores. Wearing a fragrance for a few days is essential before making it your new olfactory signature, coming to know its nuances and how it develops over the course of the day.

    About the Editor’s Notes

    In addition to selecting the fragrances that go into these sample packs, our editor offers his didactic commentary, providing an invaluable point of reference for those exploring the scents on offer. Leaning on over a decade of writing and education experience in perfumery, this writing serves to offer an informative perspective of the scent. 

    The Joy of Variety

    We believe taste in perfume develops in accordance with one’s exposure - our fragrance sample packs reaffirms what one loves while offering the opportunity to affordably explore new genres and styles of perfume.

    Each pack contains 6 fragrances united by a theme, designed to provide a comprehensive study of its chosen theme. This becomes a lesson in history, creativity, and style. For instance, our Leather Fragrance Sample Pack takes the wearer through the history of the fantasy note, progressing from herbal and birch tar compositions through to the deployment of clever leather aroma molecules that reinterpret the category. A total exploration of these fragrances forms an accurate snapshot of such a complex genre - and allows the individual to assess their preferences in a measured way.

    No More Guesswork

    No more blind buying or risky purchases - sample vials and sample packs offer an effective means of determining whether a scent is for you. There’s nothing quite like smelling the perfume for yourself, no matter the resources at hand. We price these products fairly, and adhere to a philosophy that embraces the importance of quality experience, reflected in the style of perfume offered in our range and their availability.