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    198 products

    Hair Care Products - Australia

    Diversity is central in the hair department, and with an extensive range of styling products and styling tools, it's possible to find the perfect product that helps craft your desired look, because everyone's style is uniquely theirs. Whether it's the lacquered sheen from a traditional pomade, the firm dry hold from a hair clay, or the undeniable texture from a paste, any look is attainable.

    Maintain hair with an effective shampoo and a nourishing conditioner, and remove hair from unwanted places with our range of grooming tools. Frequent good hair days are in sight - we’ve got every basis covered.

    Unlimited Possibility: Hair Styling Products

    There’s more to hairstyling than goop in a tin, and come in a number of different consistencies, levels of shine, and hold, catering for the demands of your hair and the style you desire. 

    We believe the right Hair Styling Product is an intuitive choice, with products that are easy to use and feel great in hand and hair. Our products are sourced from all over the world, made by barbering professionals modern and classic, who have a grip on the unique requirements for men’s hair.

    We stock beloved favourites from American Crew to Baxter of California, from cult favourites Hanz de Fuko, Layrite, and King Brown. Keep an eye out for Patricks, Firsthand Supply, and Morris Motley, who are trailblazers in their own right.

    Putting Care into Haircare

    Everyone has their philosophy around shampoo and conditioner: how often, how much, and when. Whatever you believe, our products are comprehensive in their function, suiting a range of routines. 

    The best Hair Shampoo do so much more than cleanse, additionally fortifying, hydrating, and maintaining the health and appearance of the hair. Shampoos targeting specific concerns, from the dreaded itch and flake of dandruff, thinning hair, and dry and damaged hair are also available, championing age-old remedies and the latest technologies alike. 

    Hair Conditioner softens the hair and makes the task of managing unruly and frizzy hair an easy one. These nutrient-rich formulations become a necessary component of a regime dedicated to the health and appearance of the hair.

    The Tools for the Job

    Perfecting your hairstyle might require some intervention and manipulation. From sturdy combs and brushes, clippers, trimmers, and scissors, a good tool makes the difference.